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Mountain View Recovery is a recovery based housing organization that was founded in 2010. Mountain View Recovery strives to create a positive and constructive environment for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Although Mountain View Recovery offers a support system for life after in-patient treatment, we are not a detox or an alternative to inpatient treatment. 

 Mountain View Recovery currently provides 120 beds through our housing. Each house has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol and has a set of program rules that help to ensure the safety and sobriety of each member.

 Mountain View Recovery is determined to help men and women struggling with alcoholism and addiction to start a new and healthy way of life. Mountain View Recovery also provides helpful resources to house members that can help guide them in the right direction.

Mountain View Recovery was set in place based on the idea that there is hope for addicts and alcoholics to get on their feet, become productive members of society, and find a path to a fulfilling and happy life without the use of drugs and alcohol.  Mentors, Counseling, and Peer support may be offered. 

We are easy to talk to so please feel free to reach out. Office line is 503-206-4501 or 503-332-5312