Mountain View Recovery

Tenant Handbook


Mission Statement

Mountain View Recovery’s mission is to provide clean and sober housing for alcoholics and addicts so that they may recover and better their lives, their family’s lives, and those around them.

Purpose Statement

To provide safe and affordable housing within a community where peer-support is given for the common goal of achieving lasting sobriety. Once someone leaves inpatient treatment, it is vital to their success to surround themselves with like-minded people. Mountain View Recovery sober living homes creates a safe and supportive environment for men and women who are new to recovery and need a structured environment to help them stay clean and sober.


Mountain View Recovery (MVR) is a clean and sober living community wherein all tenants have come together to support one another in their recovery and sobriety. All tenants at MVR are expected to and required to strictly adhere to high standards of conduct both while at MVR and while in the community in order to create a living environment that supports recovery and sobriety. The following rules are all to be considered material terms of the lease and any violation may subject the Tenant to issuance of notice of termination, imposition of a fine, or both. It is the goal of MVR to support each and every tenant in their recovery, but the integrity of the community at all times is of paramount importance.


Tenant is required to attend a minimum of three meetings/activities per week related to your recovery. These include Celebrate Recovery, AA, NA, Individual Group Treatment, Church Service of your choice, etc. At least one of these meetings is required to be an issue-specific 12-step program.  Tenant will need to provide written verification that they attended the duration of the meeting. Written notifications are turned into House Manager on a weekly basis. In addition, tenants must attend the weekly house meeting.


There is a thirty-(30)-day blackout period for all new tenants. A curfew shall be observed from 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 11:59 p.m., Friday through Saturday. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis if another tenants who is not within the blackout period accompanies the new resident. It is not permissible to stay the night outside of the MVR house during the blackout period. You must follow all rules that have been set forth by MVR, and provide a UA upon request of any member of the house. Violations, which occur during the blackout period, will result in the resident being asked to immediately move from MVR and/or the extension of the blackout period with a written contract.

DRUGS, ALCOHOL, MARIJUANA                                              

Drugs, alcohol, marijuana, or other controlled substance(s) are absolutely NOT allowed anywhere on or in the premises at any time, nor shall any guest be permitted to violate this rule. This prohibition shall include all possession, manufacturing, distribution, and positive UA of tenant and/or their guests. Any violation of this rule or reasonable suspicion of violation of this rule shall be grounds for MVR to demand an immediate test to ensure compliance with this rule, immediately exclude any guest from the premises, or may offer the issuance of a 48- hour right to cure notice. MVR has the right to evict or ask tenants to leave for 24-hours when there is evidence of violations of the contract. MVR may report any and all criminal conduct to law enforcement authorities.


In the event a tenant relapses, they may be asked to immediately leave MVR and resident may return twenty-four (24) hours later to pick up their personal property.

COMMON AREAS                                                                         

All tenants are expected to adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness in all areas of the house, both common areas and in the resident’s room. Tenants shall keep all personal property in their personal rooms, and shall not store any personal items in any common area at any time. Tenant shall not leave any area of the house in disarray, and shall promptly clean up after themselves and their guests without delay. For no reason is it acceptable for tenants to sleep in common areas, this includes extended naps.

PERSONAL PROPERTY AND ROOMS                                          

MVR is not responsible for the personal property of any tenants. All of tenant’s personal property shall be stored in tenant’s personal room. Tenant’s personal room shall be kept in a neat and orderly condition. Tenants may install a lock on the door to their personal room so long as the lock does not damage the door, and MVR is provided with a key. MVR has the right to do room inspections with a 24-hour notice. MVR reserves the right to enter and search without notice, if there is a reasonable suspicion or cause.


Tenants shall supply his or her own food and shall not eat the food of any other tenant without explicit permission. Eating the food of another tenant shall be considered theft and shall be grounds for termination of the lease. Tenants shall be assigned a designated cabinet area to store food, as well as a designated area in MVR’s refrigerator and freezer. Tenants shall label their own food to minimize any conflict or misunderstanding.


Dishes are provided by MVR for the shared use of all tenants, and in order to ensure tranquility and minimize conflict between the tenants. Dishes must be washed, dried, and put-away thoroughly and immediately after use without exception. No dishes shall be allowed in any room other than the kitchen and dining room. Violation of this rule shall result first in a verbal warning, followed by written warning, and thereafter by the imposition of a $5.00 fine. In addition to the foregoing MVR reserves the right to terminate resident’s lease for violation of this rule.

GARBAGE AND RECYCLING                                                            

Proper disposal of garbage and recycling is a shared responsibility of all tenants, and every tenant of MVR shall take out garbage and recycling as necessary. Tenants shall ensure that garbage and recycling bins are taken to the curb for pick-up on the evening prior to the designated pick up day, and bins returned to their proper location following disposal. Tenants shall deposit recycling in the appropriate containers and shall separate their waste properly.


No pets/animals shall be permitted on the premises.


Tenant shall only smoke in the marked and designated smoking areas and shall be no less than ten (10) feet from any entrance or a window. Tenants shall, prior to smoking, ensure that all doors and windows adjacent to the smoking area are closed. Tenants shall ensure that all smoking waste, including but not limited to filters, papers, tobacco, packaging, ashes, embers, and the like, are properly disposed of in an ashtray, butt-can, or other non-flammable receptacle. As used herein “smoking” shall include the use of all tobacco products and vaping.


Tenant may have guests at the Premises; all guests must be clean and sober. Tenant shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. No guest may be permitted to spend time overnight. No guests will be allowed on the premises before 8:00 A.M. All guests need to be screened by the house manager prior to their arrival. All guests may be required to provide a drug or alcohol test to confirm they are clean and sober, and a refusal to submit to any test shall require the guest to immediately leave MVR and said guest shall only be allowed to return with the written permission of MVR.


Tenant shall be allowed to park only one vehicle at MVR and shall park only in a designated parking space, which shall be assigned based on the seniority of the Tenant at MVR. It is not permissible to store broken-down, non-drivable vehicles on the premises.

CONFLICT AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION                                          

Staff, Managers, and Tenant shall refrain from using any derogatory language, display or expression of disrespect, or any other similar form of communication, which might reasonably offend any other co-tenant, guest, and/or representative or staff of MVR. No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated. Staff, Managers, and Tenant are required to communicate respectfully at all times, and treat others with dignity. Staff, Managers, and Tenants will collaboratively resolve any conflict, as well as utilize the grievance procedures (refer to grievance form). Any threats or acts of violence or criminal conduct shall immediately be reported to MVR and Law Enforcement, and may subject Tenant to termination of this lease upon 24-hours written notice.


Laundry facilities are provided for the use of MVR residents, and Tenant shall be solely responsible for their own laundry. Laundry machines and dryers shall only be utilized for the minimum amount of time necessary, and Tenant shall promptly remove their clothing once the cleaning cycle is complete. Laundry hours are between 8:00am-10:00pm; all laundry must be completed by 10:00pm.


Shared chores are an integral part of the MVR community guidelines. Tenant shall comply with all expectations of MVR with respect to the completion of assigned chores. A chore list shall be posted weekly, and Tenant shall undertake and contribute to a minimum of one (1) Major Chore or three (3) Minor Chores per week. As used herein a “Major Chore” shall mean a task typically requiring thirty minutes or more of work to complete such as cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, yard work, and similar tasks. As used herein “Minor Chores” shall mean a task typically requiring less than 30 minutes to complete such as taking out garbage, changing light bulbs, wiping countertops, putting dishes away, and similar tasks. Tenant’s failure to comply with this section shall result first in a verbal warning, then followed by a second written warning, and then a third written notice of non-compliance and fine of $10.00 shall be imposed for each subsequent violation. Tenant’s lease may also be terminated for non-compliance and continued violations of this rule.

HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES                                                            

MVR shall provide supply toilet paper, garbage bags, hand soap, cleaning supplies, and similar household supplies. Tenant shall notify House Manager promptly of any household supplies that run low or are in need of resupply. Tenant is required to provide their own toiletries and laundry soap, which are not considered household supplies.


Utilities are provided by MVR as part of the rent, however they also represent a fluctuating cost to MVR, which can affect the ability of MVR to provide a clean and sober living facility. Tenant shall be conscientious of their use of electricity, water, heat/gas, and any other utility. Tenant shall turn off lights when they leave a room, turn off heat and air conditioning when appropriate. Utilities do not include pay-per-view movies, movies on demand, or additional cable services.

COMPUTER AND WI-FI                                                            

A computer has been provided by MVR for the use of tenants in obtaining and maintaining employment, medical care, and as otherwise may be required by law.  Tenant shall not use the computer provided by MVR to download anything, which is not related to the stated purpose for which the computer has been provided. Tenant may use the Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet via their personal computers. Under no circumstance shall tenant engage in any illegal activity including illegally downloading all media (movies, music, images etc.) via the Internet or utilizing the MVR Wi-Fi. Under no circumstance shall tenant engage in the use of online pornographic material. Computers provided by MVR are not for the use of personally owned businesses or marketing. The MVR printer shall only be used for MVR business.

WORK AND EMPLOYMENT                                             

As a clean and sober transitional housing facility, Tenants shall actively seek and maintain employment, attend school, or engage in regular volunteer activities. If Tenant is not employed or attending school, Tenant shall actively seek employment Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., even if Tenant is receiving unemployment benefits. Tenant must provide verification to MVR of their efforts to obtain employment (e.g. proof of research, job applications, etc.) upon request. If Tenant is disabled, Tenant shall engage with an appropriate nonprofit charitable volunteer organization a minimum of 14- 20 hours a week. An exception may be made on an individual case-by-case basis with the approval of the Director or Asst. Director / Housing Coordinator.


We allow children to visit their parents who reside in MVR homes. Overnight visits are allowed with prior permission and if in a single room. Parents must accompany their children at all times during their visit.

HOUSE PHONES                                                                            

If a general use “house phone” is present at the Premises, all tenants are required to be respectful of the shared nature of the phone and shall not monopolize the use of the phone. Tenant shall be responsible for any charges associated with their personal use of the phone or the use of the phone by any guest of the Tenant.

INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS                                             

Intimate relationships between Tenants are destabilizing to the tranquility of the community and are contrary to the Program of Recovery. Absolutely no intimate or sexual relationships will be initiated or pursued between tenants. In the event this rule is violated both Tenants will be asked to move from MVR and their leases shall be terminated.


Tenants shall be assigned by House Manager cupboard space, a parking space, refrigerator space, and similar shared spaces according to their seniority as determined by the date the resident moved into MVR.


The kitchen is the heart of any household, and MVR tenants shall ensure that the kitchen is kept at all times in a clean and sanitary condition. Tenants shall wipe down counters, stovetops, tabletops, and sinks after use. All grease shall be disposed of in a grease-can, which shall be kept under the sink for disposal. Pots, pans, and similar cooking containers shall be used for their intended purposes only and shall be cleaned using non-abrasive cleaners, and shall be washed only by hand. No dishes shall be left in the sink. In using the dishwasher the Tenant shall utilize the “clean/dirty” magnet as appropriate.

QUIET TIME                                                                        

Quiet time/hours begin at 10:00pm every night and ends at 8:00am every morning. Please be respectful and mindful of others by keeping noise, volume, and activity quiet and to a minimum.

INSPECTION / RIGHT TO ACCESS                                              

Tenant shall allow and consent to MVR, Police, or MVR’s representatives to enter and search of the Property and Tenant’s personal property with a 24-hour notice, except in the case of an emergency or if it is impractical to provide notice, and may only enter at reasonable times. Tenant’s failure to consent to a search shall be a material violation of the lease.


No weapons of any sort shall be allowed at MVR or anywhere on the premises at any time. As used herein weapons include, but aren’t limited to: guns, swords, knives, explosives, bows, arrows, throwing stars, clubs, shields, chemical sprays, or similar things designed or intended to inflict bodily harm on another.


No gambling shall be permitted at the premises, nor shall tenant gamble while away from the premises.

BACKGROUND CHECK                                                                      

Tenant shall submit to a criminal background check if requested to ensure the safety of all residents of MVR. Tenant shall update the Director or Housing Coordinator/Asst. Director of any arrest or conviction of Tenant.


MVR Director and/or Assistant Director/Housing Coordinator may, from time to time, amend this handbook and the rules of residency at MVR to promote the welfare of the community and residents at MVR and upon written notice to Tenant. Housing Managers are not to amend this handbook.



If tenant is on supervision, tenant shall complete the ROI between MVR and Community Corrections for as long as the tenant is on supervision.  This is in addition to other ROI’s.

TERMINATION OF LEASE                                                        

Nothing in this handbook, any amendments hereto, or in the lease shall be construed to diminish or otherwise impair the Landlord’s ability to terminate the lease for any reason authorized by law, or otherwise diminish or impair any of the rights or obligations imposed by law