Mountain View Recovery is a nonprofit organization built by people who are in recovery who understand the difficulties of starting a new life that is free of drugs and alcohol.

ZACK NOLAN- FOUNDERmtviewrecovery Founder

It’s hard to pinpoint the unique set of occurrences that lead me to start Mountain View Recovery, but I can say that I have been taught that I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away. My life these days has so much meaning and so much beauty; it’s more than I could have imagined  for myself when I finally decided to turn my life around.

I grew up care free as a teenager without any guidance. When people tried to help me,  I was unwilling to accept it. I had hate, fear and abandonment instilled in me.  The law could not stop me and neither could the ones that loved me from self-destructive behaviors.  After six years of substance abuse and trouble, I realized through my own life experiences, that life wasn’t what I had made it out to be; or at least it didn’t have to be that way anymore.

I came to founding Mountain View Recovery as a mere stroke of luck. Lucky to have lived through the darkness, when some friends hadn’t, I was accepted by people in recovery once I became willing to take action to change my old ways. I was finally willing to do whatever it took to achieve lasting sobriety and find a new purpose in life, no matter how goofy some of it seemed at the time.

Nowadays, I can’t give enough away because my new experience is that the more I give away, the more freedom my soul gains. Mountain View Recovery is my way of giving back to the community and the people who walked before me and the people who are following me.  I can honestly say, it’s the most spiritually rewarding thing I have ever done. Thank you for letting me be of service.